November 25, 2015

Our program benefits


Learn how to control your behaviour at all times using our Impulsivity program.

This program will give you access to the skills, strategies and best practice principles you need when you are overwhelmed by strong and difficult emotions.

It’s delivered online so you don’t even have to leave home to do it!

If you like the sound of being able to control your behaviour and minimise daily struggles this program offers you the opportunity. The techniques it teaches will help you understand your behaviour, what leads to your difficulties and what steps you can take to overcome them.

By working through the program you can farewell frequent feelings of shame and embarrassment and get on with your life.

Here’s some of the material the program will cover:

  • How to identify and manage your triggers
  • How to resist urges and cravings
  • How to manage difficult emotions and decrease the stress associated with them
  • How to identify and deal with the unhelpful thinking that can precede impulsive behaviour
  • How to challenge those damaging beliefs and choose a better option for you that will lead to positive outcomes.

Learning to control your impulsive behaviour will provide many benefits:

  • You can improve your health and overall wellbeing by adapting healthier and more sustainable coping strategies
  • You can have stronger and happier relationships by preventing arguments about your lack of control
  • You can persevere through tough times to complete your goals, which means you can get ahead in your career
  • You can feel strong and proud of yourself and your achievements and enjoy being in control of your behavior and your life.

Choosing our program will provide these benefits:

  • You can do it online and save time, money and effort
  • You can start straight away and avoid the frustrations of waiting lists – as long as you have your smart phone or any computer you can start
  • The regular online webinars will enhance your learning – which means that we will continually support you.

Happy with what you’ve heard about the program? Register now and start your journey today!

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