FAQ: I eat all the things I shouldn’t eat and I can’t stop. I don’t think this program can help, this is just who I am. I just can’t stick to a diet.



If you love something a lot then it is difficult to fight the temptation to indulge in it, especially if it is your favourite junk food. But remember – this is not who you are! You are a human being who has the capacity to learn how to deal with temptations and you can control your behaviour at all times.

I realise that salty, fatty hot chips and a burger are more delicious than the increasingly popular kale. I know that you might feel depressed by the thought that you will be depriving yourself of the convenience of grabbing a food-fix through the drive-through.

I completely understand how comforting food can be, how easily food-fixes are obtained and that predictably you will feel a temporary satisfaction. I know as well that you regret eating junk the majority of the time, that predictably you will also feel annoyed with yourself and will see yourself as weak, feel disgusted and wish you were healthier and fitter.

There are many things you cannot change about yourself: height (although you can wear heels), your blood type and your digital footprint. But let’s establish once and for all that your eating habits and inability to control your impulsive eating behaviour can be changed. You can learn to control your eating habits more effectively.

If you want to change I will show you the way.

First of all, make it easier for yourself: do not consider food control a deprivation – think about what you will gain. Start simply by imagining a life where you are always in control. Allow yourself to imagine continuing the journey toward a life where you are not dependent on food to make yourself feel better.

Say it loud and proud: “I can do it”.

Tell yourself “I can do it”. You can beat the urge to eat a muffin by telling yourself: “I can do it, I don’t need you right now”. Or, you can be negative and say, “I can’t deal with this urge”, and capitulate. Don’t underestimate the power of your self-talk. What you tell yourself is so important. When people say: “This is who I am, I can’t control myself” or argue that “Something is wrong with me, I just seem to do it”, more than likely they will fail. But if they say: “It is so hard to control myself, but I can do it!” they will succeed.

This too shall pass.

Remember that every time you give in to temptation you make it stronger. The discomfort of not driving past your favourite McDonalds or KFC might be strong, but the urge never lasts for a long time. You will not experience discomfort for hours – it

will pass. Of course it helps if you have a better alternative, if you cook for yourself or buy healthy foods.

So don’t sabotage yourself – don’t make yourself feel weaker or excuse it as an in-built character flaw. You are strong, smart and capable – you need to learn new skills and develop a plan of attack and not be afraid to experience a little bit of a discomfort.

PS: Remember that you can do it, you were not born with a burger in one hand and chippies in the other. You learnt to love this kind of food, so you can unlearn it as well.


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